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Fireplace Makeover for less then you think!

Is Your Fireplace Outdated & Boring?

Does It Need A Style Update?

If YOU'RE ready for a fresh new look,

Sticks & Stone can help!

We can get rid of that plain builder grade surround.

We can cover up that ugly 1970's  painted brick.

Our fireplace makeover adds texture, colour and warmth to your fireplace room.

It instantly updates the look of your home, whatever your design style is.

Q: What is a fireplace makeover?

A: We professionally remodel your fireplace surround by adding new "stone" veneer.

We install quality hand crafted stone veneer on your existing fireplace surface whether it is drywall, brick, wood etc.

Our fireplace makeover can take just one day!

We makeover : gas fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces and electric fireplaces!

Discover what Sticks & Stone has to offer.
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